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Classification Index


(fashion) clothing industry (247)


24 hour shops (2)


accessories (6)accountants (794)
accounting services (163)adhesives (32)
advertising agencies (171)advertising publications, ad agency (96)
aerodynamics (107)agricultual machinery, spares, appliances (355)
agricultural associations, companies, farmers (1161)agricultural goods suppliers (261)
agricultural service (218)agriculture experts (859)
agriculture experts (11)air conditioning technology (304)
air filters (8)air freight (11)
air pollution, air pollution analysis (5)air traffic (29)
airlines (41)airport services (2)
alarms (24)alcoholic beverages (74)
aluminium and aluminium (semi-manufactured) goods (44)aluminium moulding (14)
aluminium oxide production (1)aluminium processing (plants) (2)
amusement parks (2)analytical instruments (7)
anchors (13)animal protection (5)
animal refuges (1)animal trade (36)
antennae (78)antiquaria (52)
antiques, fine art (80)apparatus hire (1)
apparatus(es) and instruments (22)applied arts (26)
applied arts (16)aquaria, terraria and accessories (9)
architects and building contractors (270)architects and building contractors (47)
architectural engineering (88)archive organisation (6)
archives (6)archiving, archiving systems (7)
area development (34)art (38)
art education (18)artificial flowers (10)
artificial insemination (8)artificial nails (11)
artificial stone manufacture (42)artists' agencies (4)
artists' materials, accessories (9)asphalt manufacture, asphalting (34)
assistance and services (3)associations, organisations, networks (290)
Astoria (1)astrology (4)
auction (5)authentication (16)
automated technology engineers (5)automation (120)


baby and toddler clothing (105)baby foods (2)
babysitting (9)bags (12)
bailiffs (19)bakeries (391)
bakery industry (311)baking- and confectionery machinery, appliances (15)
balancing technology engineers and engineering (1)baling machines (1)
balloons (10)ballroom dancing costumes, accessories (6)
banking technology (22)banks and financial institutions (2125)
bar codes and identification technology (20)bathroom accessories (320)
baths (172)batteries (116)
bearings (189)beauty salons (421)
beauty salons (68)bed and breakfasts (714)
bedding (17)bee-keeping (32)
beer industry, breweries (29)beer industry, breweries (48)
bell-founding (2)beverages, -distribution (251)
bicycles, -spares (227)bikes and scooters (134)
billboards (57)bindings (5)
bioethics (1)biotechnologies (2)
bodyguards (66)boilers (3)
book analysis, experts (536)book binders (45)
book promotion (35)book- and music shops (334)
book-and music publishers (161)bottled gas (1)
bottling plants (14)bowling tracks (9)
brakes, brake-shoes (11)breast milk depositories (5)
brick manufacture and distribution (56)bricklayers, stonemasons (537)
bridges (8)broadcasting (3)
broadcasting (25)brushes, brooms (13)
buckets (8)building contractors, services (71)
building contractors, services (256)building contractors, services (121)
building design (36)building insulation (19)
building maintenance, renovation (94)building material suppliers (40)
building materials (1031)building observation systems (6)
burglar alarms (2)bus rental (21)
buses (30)business advice (176)
business services (27)buttons, hairpins, belts, accessories (10)


cable tv (119)cables, wires (74)
cabs (146)CAD-CAM systems (3)
cafes (33)cafes (7)
cafes, bistros (97)calculators (1)
calibrating (10)candles (16)
caps, hats (17)car air conditioning (11)
car alarms (25)car and commercial vehicle washes (2)
car authentication (84)car breakers (107)
car coolres (5)car design (11)
car finance (8)car glass (52)
car hire (169)car lamps (4)
car manufacture (9)car parks (13)
car polishing (74)car recovery (151)
car sales and distribution (13)car spares (927)
car stereos (26)car washes (63)
caravans (12)carbon brushes (2)
card and paper (124)cardiologists (3)
careers advice (6)carpenters and scaffolders (86)
carpentry (670)carpet cleaning (8)
carriage (2619)carrier bags and sacks (3)
cars (1308)cartography (122)
carts (1)cash machines (1)
cashiers (2)casinos (14)
castors, wheels (7)catering appliances (53)
catering industry (26)catering industry (87)
catering, hospitality (1332)cattle (33)
cds and dvds (23)cement (8)
central vacuuming (5)ceramics products (103)
chains (6)change (15)
charity (1)chassis protection and car care (23)
chassis welders (21)chauffeurs (7)
cheeses (6)chemical goods (133)
chemical industry (130)chemical industry apparatus (21)
chemical materials (26)chemists (130)
childrens' homes (98)chimes (2)
chimneys, -sweeping, -building (94)chip card (1)
chip- and plywood production (53)chipboard (2)
christmas decorations (1)cigarette lighters (2)
cinemas (47)circus (2)
city management (22)city operation (7)
classification systems (1)Cleaning (1)
cleaning and maintanence services (229)cleaning appliances, machinery (24)
cleaning appliances, machinery (16)cleaning materials, appliances (45)
Cleaning products (1)Cleaning supplies (1)
Cleaning tools (1)clerical offices (66)
clocks, watches, jewellery, watchmakers, jewellers (450)clothing, fashion clothes (655)
clubs, associations (20)coach-builder (1)
coal (1)coal mining (4)
coal, carbon products (10)coffee, tea, chocolate (46)
cogwheels (14)coins (7)
cold foods (18)cold processing (2)
commercial mediation (7)commissioners (153)
community centres (1)community centres (75)
competitions (23)compressors (41)
computer networkks (29)concrete (238)
concrete additives (3)concrete impregnating (17)
concrete units , reinforced concrete (49)condensers (4)
confectionery (36)confectionery industry, confectionery products (94)
conference centres (19)construction advice (10)
construction contractors (33)construction design and management (335)
construction engineering (686)construction industry (2358)
construction machinery (149)consulates (91)
consumers' and distribution associations (14)containers (19)
control (1)conveyor belts, machinery (6)
cooling industry (23)cooling technology (94)
cooperative (savings)banks (94)coopers (11)
copper- and bronzeworkers, copper wares (13)copying (82)
copyrights (5)cork (10)
corn (5)corporate systems (49)
corrosion proofing (40)cosmetics (99)
costume jewellery (11)cottage industry (45)
cotton (4)counselling (199)
courier service (110)couriers (5)
courts of justice (14)coverings (hot, cold) (222)
coverings, -tools, -machinery (32)cranes (101)
credit facilitation (49)crisis management (20)
cultural associations, clubs (43)cultural centres (25)
cultural services (56)culture items (3)
current-generative and distributive devices (22)curtain rails (82)
customer services (1)


dairy industry (92)dance and dance schools (10)
dancing (4)data processing (42)
data protection (2)data security (2)
data transfer (11)databases, handling/management of databases (15)
day care centres (3)dcorations (181)
decorating (769)demolition (15)
demolition, explosion (2)dental practices (9)
dental technicians (231)dentists, dental technicians, dental surgeries (688)
dentists' suppliers (50)design (7)
design , design experts (391)diamond tools (2)
diaries (9)die-casting (31)
diesel gauges (3)digital formatting-books (3)
digital services (9)direct marketing (7)
dishwashers and washing machines (1)dishwashing liquids and detergents (2)
distillers (10)distribution (22)
diving accessories, divers (20)DIY shops (181)
document storage, -handling, shredding (13)documenting (3)
dog training (5)dog trimmers (32)
dog- cat-and pet foods, accessories (74)doll shops (80)
domestic chemicals (56)door entry systems (29)
drain- and canal cleaning (14)drain- and pipework (43)
drawing accessories (1)dress hire (125)
dressings (3)drill head (1)
driving schools (276)duty-free zones (1)
duvets (15)


ear piercing (1)earth moving equipment (144)
earth-moving equipment (1)eaves (2)
economic advice (87)economic information (7)
editors'offices (125)education methodology (10)
education, education management (660)eggs, egg processing, trade (16)
electric motors (24)electrical elements (3)
electrical fiting and maintenance materials (411)electrical goods (58)
electrical goods retailers (63)electrical goods, appliances (50)
electrical insulation materials (3)electrical items (19)
electrical motors (42)electrical network building, fitting (12)
electrical swithes (8)electrical wiring (28)
electromechanics (8)electronic billboards (19)
electronic dictionary (1)electronic engineers (27)
electronic engineers and servicing (42)electronic goods and spares, servicing (261)
electronic technology (37)electronics (89)
electroplating instruments and appliances (2)electrostatics (3)
elevators (108)emblems, insignia (9)
embroidery (35)enamelling (1)
enamelling (3)energetics (59)
energy saving, surveys, advice (13)engineering industry (47)
engineering industry, mechanical engineering (227)engineers, engineers' offices (566)
engines, engine spares (58)engravers (4)
engraving (44)enterprise development (7)
entertainment (2)entrepreneurs (12)
envelope-filling, franking (3)envelopes (6)
environmental protection (353)environmental protection (58)
equestrian shops, accessories (22)equestrianism, horse riding, breeding (74)
erotica (6)estate agencies, -developers (1373)
EU advice (5)exam centres (2)
exhausts, -systems (19)exhibition creation (27)
exhibitions (74)explosion-proof appliances (2)
export-import (191)express service, troubleshooting (14)


family benefits, family credit (86)fancy dress (17)
fashion design (5)fashion goods (538)
faxes (4)feather, feather cleaning (17)
fee collection (2)fees (3)
feng shui (3)fibreglass (6)
fillers, -technology (32)film and video production and distribution (123)
films and photographic paper (3)filtering technology (12)
filters (11)financial advisors (131)
financial advisors (163)financial estimates (33)
financial protection (247)fine art dealing (1)
fire alarms (12)fire safety (310)
fire safety equipment (36)fire technology (91)
fireplaces, stoves (89)fireproof materials (9)
fireworks (17)fish (90)
fishing (8)fishing, -accessories (114)
fitness, fitness products (91)fitting technology (71)
fixing element (1)fixing technology (30)
flags (23)flagship stores, premises (23)
flat building (65)flat roof insulation (2)
flat-pack furniture (26)flax, hemp, jute (3)
flight tickets (6)flood protection (2)
flowers, florists, floristry (689)flying tuition, flying schools (12)
foams (11)folk art (49)
food (314)food analysis (10)
food industry (196)food industry machinery (41)
food processing industry (18)food shops (130)
food trade (149)food vouchers (6)
foreign language correspondence service (1)foreign trade (121)
forestry (388)forestry (123)
forklifts (34)foundations (210)
fountains (4)franchise (4)
fridges (39)frozen goods (14)
fruit and vegetables (373)fuel (53)
funerals (347)fur industry (21)
furnaces (60)furniture (893)
furniture manufacturers (115)furniture manufacturing industry (243)
furniture production, trade (121)furniture repair and restoration (8)
furriers (28)


galleries (112)galvanising (52)
gambling (22)game (4)
game export (3)game protection (2)
gap fillers (669)garage doors (70)
garages (1571)garages (8)
garages and garage fittings (14)gardening (197)
gardening tools, appliances (133)gas appliances, repair, spares (184)
gas bottles and tanks (12)gas detection and gasometry (3)
gas meters and gauges (1)gas production industry, gas products, gas supply (249)
gate openers (20)gate technology (37)
gates, rails, fences (79)gauging instruments (57)
geneology (2)general practitioners (116)
geology (8)geophysics (7)
geotechnology (9)gifts (285)
gilding (3)glass (90)
glass blowing (1)glass processing (20)
glass reinfircement, glass decoration (2)glass technology (11)
glass trade (7)glass- and eathenware (136)
glazing (198)gloves (20)
gold- and silversmiths (5)gold- and silversmiths (19)
golf clubs, courses, experts (3)grapes (28)
graphic design (81)graphic design services, designers (185)
graphology (13)groceries (81)
grocery shops (59)Guarding (1)
guided drilling (2)gynaecologists (18)


haberashery (152)haberdashery (54)
hairdressers' supplies (57)hairdressing (571)
hand dryers (2)hand tools (20)
handicrafts, -accessories (9)hazardous waste (43)
headstones (63)Health (8)
health and hygiene products (20)health insurance (42)
health sector (128)health services, therapeutic skin care, therapy accessories (74)
healthy living (59)hearing aids (21)
heat technology (18)heat treating (13)
heating appliances (9)heating fuels (250)
heating services, domestic and industrial (1)heating technology (151)
heavy goods vehicle (3)Herbal cosmetics (8)
herbs, spices (5)hobby, leisure time (11)
holding (3)holiday homes, holiday services (71)
holography (4)home brewing and accessories (5)
home delivery (10)home entertainment, electronics (36)
home furnishings (51)homeopathy (15)
honey (14)hoses (7)
hospitals, clinics (115)hostels (12)
hostess (30)hotel furnishings, textiles (6)
hotels (1347)houseplants (28)
human resources agencies, management, advice (293)human resources selection (51)
humidifyers (2)humidifyers (1)
hunting, hunters' outfitters (97)hydraulics (94)
hydrometric technology (15)Hygiene (1)
hygiene products and services (43)Hygiene produts (1)


ice (3)ice cream (70)
ice cream machines (1)ice-rinks (1)
industrial cleaning technology (18)industrial cloths (2)
industrial construction (2)industrial firms (9)
industrial mechanisation (36)industrial parks (134)
industrial pre-moulds, panels (12)industrial woodworker, construction industry (70)
infant care centres (1)informatics (437)
information delivery (82)information systems (20)
information technology (1357)information technology (70)
information technology services (42)infrastructural investments (23)
ink-cartridge refreshment (3)inland revenue office,IR (15)
inland revenue/tax offices (2)innovation (32)
instrument and apparatus manufacture (16)instrument sharpening (7)
insulation materials (45)insulation, insulation technology (103)
insurance (673)insurance sahiers (7)
insurers (127)interference control (2)
interior design (179)interior design (180)
internal specialists (19)international logistics (374)
internet cafes (9)internet services (202)
investments (66)invitation cards, calling cards (4)
ip-phone (1)iron fittings (13)
iron foundry (29)ironmongers (129)
irons, presses (2)irrigation systems appliances (40)
isotope technology (1)


jet cutting (1)jobcentres (4)
judicial experts (32)


kennels and catteriestinsmiths and (3)keys, key cutting (31)
kitchen appliances and furniture (154)knitting industry (15)
knitting machines (6)knitwear (42)
knives, scissors (8)


labelling (2)labels (21)
laboratory instruments (106)laces, crochet (6)
ladders and platforms (4)ladies' clothing (57)
laminating (1)laminating (8)
land registers (3)landscaping (221)
landscaping (6)language schools, teachers of foreign languages (250)
laser technology (14)launderettes, industrial washing machines (27)
leaded glass (12)leasing, leasing firms (52)
leather clothing (20)leather goods (130)
leather industry (27)leathers, dyeing (14)
leisure clothing (2)leisure complexes, entertainment industry (73)
libraries (35)lighning arresting (7)
light building structures (34)light structures (6)
lighting accessories, light fittings, spares (19)lighting technology (160)
lighting, lamps (37)lime (17)
liquidation, bankruptcy proceedings (22)livestock farming (206)
locks, padlocks (91)locksmiths (618)
log-in systems (19)logistics (32)
logistics (93)lonely hearts (7)


machinery (51)machinery hire (81)
magnets (8)mail chute (1)
maintenance (19)management (1)
management (70)management services (21)
manager training (4)manufacturing of advertising instruments (5)
marble, polished marble (40)market research and analysis (9)
market research and analysis (174)marketing (15)
marketing design, management, campaigns (387)marketing experts (1)
markets, market halls (31)marking technology (2)
martial arts (1)mass catering (28)
mass catering (41)mass consumables (3)
mass consumables-wholesale (8)massage (27)
material testing (24)mayoral offices (5050)
meals on wheels (16)measuring and gauging services (45)
meat industry (309)meat industry machinery (7)
meat products (345)mechanical devices, tools (17)
mechanical embroidery (8)mechanical engineers, tool repair (6)
media and broadcasting technology (160)media media networks, -improvement, - services (263)
Medical gases (5)Medical instruments, apparatuses (148)
medical services (35)medical technicians (13)
medicinal herbs (112)Medicine (12)
medicines and therapeutic products, serums (116)meditation (2)
memorial object (3)men's clothing (45)
mental hygiene (15)metal extruding (8)
metal mass consumables (60)metal mass consumables industry (26)
metal processing (46)metal scattering (1)
metal sheet processing (49)metal sheet work (4)
metal sheets/boards (1)metal steaming (2)
metallurgy (4)metalwork (326)
meteorology (16)microelectronics (3)
military (1)military goods (8)
milk, dairy products (60)milking machines and apparatus (2)
milling industry (228)mineral mining (9)
mineral oil, -mining, -processing, -refinery (74)minerals (4)
mining (62)ministeriums (15)
mirrors (8)miscallenous goods (120)
mixing techniques (2)mobile servicing (37)
mobile walls (7)models, model making, model shops (15)
money handling (150)monument protection (27)
motels (21)motor industry (27)
motor vehicle authentication (5)motor vehicle constructions (9)
motoring clubs (2)motoring shops (280)
motorways (2)MOTs (6)
moulding industry (47)moulding plants (18)
mountaineering (60)mourners' outfits (2)
multimedia (11)multiplication materials (1)
municipal governments (4330)museum, exhibition furniture (2)
museums (138)mushrooms (27)
music labels, records (9)music tuition (5)
music, bands, orchestras (69)musical instruments, repair of musical instruments (100)


national insurance (5)natural gas production (3)
naturopathy (53)navigation (8)
nets (34)neurologists (4)
neurosurgeons (1)news agency (14)
news publishers (6)newsagents (103)
nightclub fittings (3)nightclubs (18)
noise- and vibration proofing (16)non-ferrous metal and -products (33)
notebooks (2)numismatics (5)
nurseries (27)nurseries (74)
nurses and nursing agencies (4)


occupational health specialists (27)occupational therapy (51)
off-licences (4)office accessories (54)
office appliances (40)office blocks, offices, commercial premises (99)
office cleaning (5)office equipment, office furniture (150)
office services (7)office stationery (15)
office technology (342)offset printing (1)
oil additives (3)oil companies (2)
oil industry (3)oil- and gas burners (2)
opthamologists (35)opticians (71)
optics, optical goods (394)oral and facial surgeons (1)
organic products (54)organisational advice (22)
ornaments (11)orthodontics (9)
orthopedic accessories, footwear (10)orthopedic specialists, rheumatologists (19)
ovens (14)overhead lighting (2)


packing (72)packing machines (34)
packing materials (194)packing technology (128)
paediatric specialists (78)paint retailers (422)
paint/dye industry (44)paint/emulsion-, glaze- and varnish manufacture (17)
painting (8)painting materials (14)
painting/dyeing appliances (10)pallets (5)
pallets, boxes (23)paper industry (38)
paper machines (1)paper processing/recycling (38)
paper waste (8)paramedics (5)
parfumes and scents (4)parking meters (5)
party and reception organisation, hosting (305)party services (11)
pasta making, trade (67)patents issues (15)
pawn shop (92)pawnbrokers' trade (38)
pedicure (8)pension guarantees, pension counters (56)
perforated sheets (4)personal computers, accessories, computing products (162)
personal hygiene (107)personal transport (188)
personnel advice (126)pest control (98)
pesticides and artificial fertilizers (174)pet accessories (7)
pet breeding (5)pet shops (48)
petrol stations (65)petrol stations , petrol station management (350)
pharmaceutical industry (116)pharmacies (605)
Pharmacy (12)Pharmacy (12)
phone answering service (3)photo articles, film developing (45)
photocopiers, copiers (44)photographers, photorgraphy, photographic art (267)
photographic techniques (147)photographic technology (9)
photoprotection, protective layer preparation (3)picture- and photo framing (93)
pigs (92)pipe manufacture (11)
pipe unblocking (68)pistons, piston valves (5)
pizzas, pizza parlours (36)plactic cards (4)
planetariums (6)plant machinery and fittings (7)
plant oil industry (15)plant propagation (145)
plaster casts (19)plaster, plaster products (34)
plastic processing (235)plastic surgery (23)
plastic works (6)plastics, plastic goods (146)
plumbing and heating engineering (604)plywood production (1)
pneumatic instruments (8)pneumatics (37)
policarbonates (1)police (27)
policing (12)polishing materials, tools and and machinery (23)
political parties, organisations (18)poll counting (15)
popcorn (1)portaloos (12)
postal services (20)postcards (7)
posters, giant posters (11)potatoes (5)
pots and pans (15)poultry breeding, hatchery and processing (9)
poultry industry (250)power generators (15)
power grids (43)power indusrty technology (19)
power plants (39)power supplies (15)
prams (8)precious metals (2)
precision industrial ceramics (47)precision technologuy (8)
presentation design (11)press agencies (4)
pressure gauges (1)pricing technology, pricing guns (5)
Prima patikak (11)printed circuit boards (15)
printed materials (91)printers (28)
printers' materials (18)printing apparatus (25)
printing industry (612)printing office (114)
printing preparation (85)private detectives, detectives offices (50)
process management (10)profit vehicles (57)
programme management, logistical solutios (14)projectors and movie theatre services (1)
projectors, projector technology (10)promotion, advertising (124)
promotional balloons (1)promotional films (10)
promotional gifts (51)promotional items (73)
promotional photography (9)property handling (228)
property utilisation (74)property valuations (38)
propulsion- and balancing technology (43)Protection (1)
protective clothing, accessories (4)protective/work uniforms (246)
psychiatrists (24)psychology, psychotheraphy (26)
public area and car park management (7)public procurement (14)
public prosecutor's department (3)public relations (16)
public road services (69)public services (74)
public services (8)public traffic (34)
public transport (1)public/communal area maintenance (27)
publishers (264)publishers, publications, editors' offices (365)
pulmonary clinics (2)pulmonary specialists (4)
pumping (39)pumps and pump systems (103)
purchasing of materials (2)pvc, pvc laminating (3)
pyrotechnics (19)


quality advice (23)quality assurance (25)
quarry stone (7)


radiators (15)radio channels and programmes (92)
radio technology (10)radio, television, vcr repair (242)
radiologists (2)rail travel (5)
railway carriages (9)railway construction (26)
raw material processing (92)razors (1)
ready-made-clothes trade (144)rear-view mirrors (2)
reed (30)reflexology (1)
rehab centres (2)rehabilitation (30)
rehabilitation centres (1)reinforced steel cutting (32)
reinforced steel fitting (7)religion (8)
remedy (16)remote detection (2)
remote heating supply (54)removals (75)
rendering (15)rental, hire (74)
research, development, research institutions (152)restaurants (2312)
restorateurs (17)retirement homes (33)
road constuction, maintenance and management (156)road management (1)
road markings (2)road signs (1)
road sweeping (2)roadworks (1)
robot technology (3)roof insulation (57)
roof racks (9)roof structure (5)
roofing and insulation materials (93)roofing and insulation materials (40)
room informatics (15)ropes (18)
rubber and rubber goods (154)rubber industry (38)
rubber stamps (37)rugs and carpets (154)
rural tourism (7)


safes and safe services (11)sails (4)
salts (7)sample preparation (1)
sanatoriums (7)sand blowing (10)
sand, shingle (16)satellite protection (1)
satellite television (2)saunas (27)
scaffolding, scaffolding rental (38)scales (116)
scattering (8)scents and aromas (12)
school accessories (5)school furniture (5)
schools (339)sculpture (1)
secondhand clothing (76)secondhand goods (21)
securities, bonds, share-dealars (32)security reviews (2)
security services (225)security technology (474)
seedling nursery (72)seeds (194)
seismology (2)self-stick labels, adhesive tapes, sheets (6)
service washes, dry cleaning (130)services (104)
sewage disposal (100)sewing machines and fittings (60)
shaft coupling (4)shaft drilling (1)
shaft drilling, boring (1)shaft drilling, sampling (3)
sheds, chalets, log cabins (34)sheep (8)
shelves, shelving units (18)shingle mining (43)
shipping (2)ships, nautical vehicles (56)
shock absorbtion (1)shoe indutry, shoe accessories (152)
shoe manufacture and repair (89)shoes (321)
shop fittings (41)shopping centres (208)
shopping malls (48)shuttering (16)
signal systems (2)signmakers (16)
silicons (3)silo (284)
sirens, flashlights (1)skating (2)
skiing accessories (9)skips, skip transport (53)
slate roofing (1)sliding doors (1)
slimming products and services (1)slot machines (87)
small electronic machinery (4)small machinery (11)
smiths, ornamental (81)snail breeding (1)
social work (91)soda water (72)
soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral waters (93)soft furnishings (139)
software development (107)software installation (1)
softwares (273)soil analysis (11)
soil management, -improvement (5)solar energy (25)
solaria (129)solicitors, solicitors' offices, lawyers (1265)
sound engineering (85)sound- and heat proofing (34)
soup kitchens (5)spare parts (110)
spark generation (7)spas (25)
speech therapy (4)spinning/plaiting industry (6)
sport (137)sport shops (191)
sporting accessories (87)sporting associations (82)
sports associations (40)sports clothing (134)
sports fields, -centres,-halls (168)sports tuition (3)
springs (29)sprocket-wheels (2)
staging (7)stainless steel products, structures, technology (25)
stairs (18)stamps (4)
standards issues (3)starch (4)
statics (5)stationary (502)
statistics (8)steamrolling (1)
steel and steel constructions/structures (296)steel and steel products (201)
steel and technical goods (243)steel- and iron foundry (12)
steel- and metal industry (111)sterilisation (1)
stock exchanges (13)stockings, socks (59)
stone carving (151)stone cladding (23)
stone mining, processing (33)storage technology (129)
storage technology (34)stoves, cookers (1)
strings (5)student jobs (46)
studio technology (7)sugar industry (31)
surface cleaning (5)surface preparation, -treatment, -covering (65)
surgeons (4)Surgeries (117)
survey, geodesy (87)suspended ceilings (7)
suspended floors (9)sweet shops (45)
sweet-shops, confectioners (440)swimming pool technology (107)
switch mechanisms (5)swithboards (4)
synthetic fibres (6)


tailors (242)tampon manufacture (44)
tampon manufacture (2)tapestry (5)
taps, tap fittings (7)tattoing (9)
tax experts (5)tax offices, tax administration (77)
taxation, tax advice (1383)taxidermists (3)
technical drawing (55)technical fitting (20)
technical items, goods (402)technical services (11)
technical training (15)technicians (103)
teflon (3)telecommunication (52)
telemarketing (8)telephone networks, exchanges (266)
telephones, telephone service providers (23)teletext (1)
television channels, programmes (138)television technology (14)
television- and radio manufacture, distribution (7)tennis, tennis courts (9)
tents and awnings (40)terraced/(semi)detached houses (1)
testing (2)textile (6)
textile extrusion (10)textile goods (93)
textile manufacture (4)textile printing/dying (8)
textiles, fabrics (8)the textile industry (151)
theatre technology (3)theatres (82)
therapeutic appliances accessories (247)therapeutic exercise (6)
therapeutic products (47)therapeutic services (33)
thermometers (5)thermostats (1)
tickets, ticket offices (17)ties (4)
tile stoves (15)tills (72)
timber goods (205)timber industry (481)
timber industry machinery (55)timber processing (17)
tin foil, foil welding (44)tinned food (23)
tinsmiths and tin products (173)tobacco industry (21)
toning technology (191)tool manufacture (157)
tool manufacturing machinery (95)tool sharpening (3)
tools of production (301)tools of production (1)
touchproofing (55)tourism (272)
tourist guides (8)towhooks (1)
toy making, repair (28)toys , toy shops (181)
trade management (1)trade promotion (6)
trade representatives (107)trade unions (68)
trade unions (28)trademarks (5)
traffic management technology (19)trailers (35)
trailers, -parts (115)transformers (20)
translation, proofreading, mediation (392)transport (57)
transport firms (135)travel agents (863)
trucks, truck service stations (14)turbines (1)
turbochargers (6)turnery (65)
typewriters (2)typing and shorthand (4)
tyres, tyre repair, retreading (328)


umbrellas (3)undercarriages (10)
underground construction (228)underwear (127)
uniforms (4)universities (85)
upholsterers (128)urologists (9)
used cars (26)utilities construction, design (84)


vaccuuming (2)vacuum technology (14)
vehicle electrics (123)vehicle furniture (1)
vehicle repair, -servicing (68)vehicle spares, -fitting (54)
vehicles (29)vending machines (39)
ventilation technology (5)ventilators (14)
veterinary medicine (112)vets, veterinary/animal hospitals (462)
video and audio tapes (11)video and camera hire (11)
video film making (30)video games (4)
video rental shops (84)video technology (14)
videophones, -conferences (1)


wafers (9)wage accounting (14)
walkie-talkie servicing and accessories (46)wall insulation (2)
wallpapers (52)waste management (64)
water analysis (14)water feeders (3)
water industry appliances (10)water loss (1)
water management (440)water management (45)
water sports (12)water supply network servicing, maintenance (4)
water towers (5)water transport (58)
waterbeds (1)waterproofing (5)
waterworks (29)waterworks (742)
weaponry, ornamental weaponry, ammunition (27)weaving trade (11)
weaving, cloth mending (1)website design (13)
welding technology, flame cutting (10)welding technology, flame cutting (153)
well shaft drilling (32)white goods, white goods servicing (389)
wholesale outlets, depots (13)wicker-work (7)
wigs (10)willow growing (1)
window cleaning (5)window dressing (4)
wine bars, pubs (174)wine making and trade (371)
wines, sparkling wines (77)wire cable (2)
wire cable manufacture, wire cables (14)wiring up of electrical installations (957)
wood protection (10)wood turning machines (13)
wooden and suspended floors (147)wool (13)
wool, haberdashery (20)work machinery (5)
work protection (184)workshop furniture (2)
wreath-making (4)


x-ray, x-ray machines (6)


yoga (4)youth hostels (7)


zinc plating, zinc plated goods (3)zips (6)
zoos and arboreta (6)

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